Sagam Logistics


We Offer Total Supply Chain Solutions that include International Sourcing & Transport Management. Our time-bound service is designed to meet your Just-In-Time(JIT) requirements.

Global Sourcing

Sagam Logistics can assist you in bringing your product to the market in many different ways. Whether you have a new product idea or a current product in the market, we can provide a solution to help lower your company's procurement cost.

Our Knowledgeable management team have executed over a dozen new product launches in the market from product design to delivery at customer points.

Very Careful consideration goes into which factory will produce each product to ensure that we can provide our clients with quality, price and timely delivery.

Our Services in Include :

  • Strategic Sourcing ,Cost Reductions.
  • Identify and Develop Suppliers.
  • Arranging Third Party Audit certification.
  • Quantity Audit.
  • International transport management.( both in-house and external ).

We believe that freight movement is essential in keeping the wheels of international trade and business turning.
We use our years of experience here to ensure that freight movement is simplified.