Sagam Logistics


We Offer Total Supply Chain Solutions that include International Sourcing & Transport Management. Our time-bound service is designed to meet your Just-In-Time(JIT) requirements.

Customs Brokerage

We provide Customs Clearance services for Import and Export, Air and Sea through our partners.

Our knowledgeable Customs Clearance Experts takes care of documentation and enable timely and reliable movement of your goods through the customs process.

A well-designed and well-managed Customs Clearance program reduces cycle time, improves shipment visibility and lowers cost.

Our Specialists team assist and can offer guidance with Customs Documentation/ Tariff Classification and Duty Rates, Refunds and Drawbacks.

We believe that freight movement is essential in keeping the wheels of international trade and business turning.
We use our years of experience here to ensure that freight movement is simplified.